Edible Flowers

No Nasty Chemicals

We grow in a more natural, uncomplicated manner. 

Hi my name is Angelique Lambermon, and I am the business owner, Landscape Architect and passionate plants woman. I have had a life long passion for design that encourages more natural, eco-friendly practices and includes more organic design with plants themselves rather than using the hard elements to form the design. As a Landscape Architect I have seen over the years many gardens and landscapes ecologically destroyed and put aside for the more 'no or low maintenance gardens". And you may not know this, but the floral industry is one of the largest influences in the decline of the bees, due to the heavy chemical and pesticide uses to get that Perfect looking cut flower!  So I carry my Ethos of being natural and organic into our world of cut flowers, so we can feel safer and healthier along with the bees and our plants and very importantly the end user, You!

While we are not certified organic at this time, no petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used in our growing practices. We tailor-make our own natural sprays to enhance the plants natural defenses along with a select group of other natural and organic materials. 

Half our flower crop is grown in an older style hydroponic system and the other half are in purpose built raised garden beds. Even though we grow in an older style greenhouse, and the plants are protected, they are still subject to the changing weather patterns of the seasons outside, so we are continually assessing the flowers health and well-being in each of the beds and adjusting their environment if needed to keep up with the changing seasons.